Our Purpose

We are FACE, Fashion Academics Creating Equality. We work to challenge Higher Education, Further Education and the Fashion Industry to be more inclusive, unified and equal. We are specifically working with issues concerning race, colour and ethnicity. We will amplify voices, challenge the status quo and embrace change. Join us on Instagram .

Our Mission

We will assess and improve staff and student Progression, Curriculum, Recruitment and Culture within UK Higher and Further Education Institutions. 

  1. We will improve the rates of progression of students and staff. Specifically, the rates of underrepresented races, colours and ethnicities

  2. We will certify that an unbiased and decolonised curriculum exists for all students and staff to enhance learning for all. Regardless of race, colour or ethnicity. 

  3. We will improve the rates of recruitment for students and staff. Specifically, the rates of underrepresented races, colours and ethnicities

  4. We will enhance, maintain and embed a diverse and inclusive culture within all Higher Education institutions.


Our Aims

  1. Training for all staff and students on diversity, inclusivity and equality.

  2. Embed schemes and scholarships to represent and reference the diverse body students and staff in the UK. The schemes must aid progression and likelihood of recruitment in HE and FE as well as the wider fashion industry.

  3. Embed ‘the monitoring of ‘equality’ of experience’ through Student Evaluation Survey (SES)

  4. Embed monitoring of ‘equality’ of experience through Module Evaluation Survey (MES)

  5. Embed monitoring of ‘equality’ of experience through National Student Survey (NSS)

  6. Embed monitoring of ‘equality’ for External Examiners.

  7. Establish regular conferences and seminars for students and staff on key ‘equality’ inflexion points that exist in Higher and Further Education as well as the wider Industry. We work to rectify and remedy current issues.

  8. Question and query who is being hired, who is being nurtured and who is progressing?

  9. Work with organisations, governing bodies and key stakeholders on the appropriateness of current and future policies, procedures, methods and metrics.  

  10. Embed Consistent and meaningful processes that embody educational and organisational equality, diversity and inclusivity.

SEE MY FACE the latest campaign by FACE: Fashion Academics Creating Equality

FACE are inviting the student body, to participate in their online survey ‘See my FACE’

This latest campaign aims to highlight the missing questions from NSS student survey and align these omissions with Black and Brown student attainment rates.

FACE demands the addition of the following vital questions as an urgent action. 
I was taught by a diverse, unbiased and inclusive teaching body.

I felt my academic progression was impartial, unbiased and equal.

I felt able to study a diverse, unbiased and inclusive curriculum.

I felt part of a diverse, unbiased and inclusive culture.

●      FACE are lobbying for education to include cultural inclusion, diversity and equality

●      FACE proposes ALL universities sign up to the Race Equality Charter (REC).

●      Survey link here 

●      If you want to make a difference, and help FACE promote racial equality within your institution you may be interested in acting as one of our representatives. To be involved contact us here: 

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