Joy Julius, a Nigerian-Swiss designer based in London and a Kingston University alumna, has launched her eponymous brand, JOY JULIUS. The fashion label encapsulates both her Nigerian heritage and western experiences. Julius was the winner of the inaugural FACE Excellence award and her brand is set to appeal to those seeking a unique blend of cultures.

What did you learn at university that still applies to your work?

I learnt that design is not just about the clothing for me. It’s about the conversations I have with myself and with others in the process. I still use the design process and development that I learned during my BA to create my designs.

Are there any aspects of your final major graduation project that are present in your current designs?

Yes, I continued exploring my African heritage, silhouettes, textures, and fabrics. I also re-designed some of my favourite pieces from my graduate collection.

What advice would you give a graduate who wants to start their own brand?

I just started by creating and document the process of my work. I think once you start, that the next logical steps will start to reveal themselves. Looking at what you can do right now, that will get you a step closer to your goal.

What are some issues that you're passionate about addressing in fashion?

Looking at the world around me and using my work as a creative outlet allows me to represent and inspire others that understand my point of view.

It’s all about getting closer to my culture, my identity, learning, experimenting, and becoming whole with all aspects of myself through my art. Which in turn will allow me to create authentic work that people will resonate with.

What are your current hopes and plans for the future of your career and brand?

I am excited to be starting a Fashion MA at the Royal College of Art this September. I want to keep learning, expanding on my ideas and questioning them. Finding newer and better ways of creating and designing. I am excited for this next chapter of my career, and I want to take my audience through this journey with me.

If you're interested in learning more about JOY JULIUS, you can visit her website at . You can also follow her on Instagram at @ to see her latest creations and get a glimpse into her creative process.